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Burger Cake

A burger? A cake? How about a burger cake! A friend of mine hit me up a little over a week ago to ask me to make her a special cake for her boyfriend’s 23rd birthday. Apparently he LOVES burgers so there was only one real option… a cake made into a burger. I was super stoked to get a chance to make such a cake for someone, but I’ve also never covered a cake with fondant before, so it was a little nerve-racking. Since I worked with marshmallow fondant recently for some cupcake toppers, I decided to go with that. Also, I think it tastes better than regular fondant.  I’ve yet to get a recipe up for the marshmallow fondant because it is a real pain to try and take pictures with sticky, oily, dyed hands, BUT I promise it’ll be coming soon with another huge project I’ll be working on in the next couple of weeks.

Back to the cake, I simply made two types of cake, vanilla and chocolate. You can use any recipe you’d like for the cakes, but make sure they’re completely cooled before working with them (I’ll be putting mine up real soon too). The vanilla was for the buns and the chocolate was for the “meat”. I carved the vanilla cakes a little at a time till it looked like burger buns and crumb coated them with a simple vanilla buttercream and set it aside. For the chocolate cake, I cut the top off and shaved down the sides, and set that aside too.


I proceeded to make my marshmallow fondant and tinted them with wilton’s gel food coloring. For the lettuce, I made a lighter green color and rolled it out super flat and thin. Then I cut pieces of it out, and with my finger tips, gently rolled out the edges to thin them out more. I set them on a crumpled paper towel to dry out a bit. For the cheese, I mixed yellow and gold to get the American cheese slice color. Then I rolled out a pretty large and even circle and cut a square big enough to drape over the “patty”. This piece, I covered with plastic wrap so it won’t dry out (as we need it to look like it’s melting) and set it aside. For the onion, I rolled out some white fondant into a semi long strip, mixed some purple and burgundy food coloring on a plate and brushed the color over the strip of fondant. The color doesn’t have to look perfect and even, and the streaks are welcomed too. Then you’ll want to get a sharp knife and slice them into thin long strips and stack them on top of each other. Once they’re all stack you can set it on its side, bend them to look like half slices of onion rings and cut it to even it out. Lastly, for the bun I used brown gel coloring little by little to get the right color and rolled out two big pieces to cover the cakes.


Now for the fun part!!! You’ll want to cover the buns first, and since we crumb coated the cakes already, we want to put another thin layer of frosting on so the fondant will stick. Gently place the fondant on the cake and smooth it out with your fingers, it doesn’t have to be perfectly smooth like a wedding cake because it’s supposed to look like bread…and bread isn’t always lump free. Then cut off the excess fondant and tuck in the sides, voila, you have your buns. Place the bottom bun down and start stacking your cake/burger. I used the extra buttercream to stick on my veggies, patty, and cheese. And for the “ketchup”, I tinted the buttercream red with a paste I made out of cocoa powder and red food coloring (you can check out my red velvet cake recipe on how to do that). I squeezed that on, plopped my top bun on, made a few sesame seeds to finish up the look and BAM a burger cake was created 😀


I know it’s not perfect and there are many things I can work on, but I think I did a pretty swell job for my very first fondant cake 🙂 If you guys have any suggestions or tips, they’re surely welcomed!


“I am still learning.” -Michelangelo

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