Zoomars Petting Zoo, San Juan Capistrano

Cuppy cake & flowers from Bella. Camera from An (:

Did I already tell you I had a BUSY birthday week??? Anywhooo, my best friend Bella decided to surprise me Friday night/morning (12am) with flowers and gifts and proceeded to tell me all the places she was going to be taking me come Sunday! Zoomars petting zoo was one of those places and the first adventure of our day (An tagged along hehe). In case you don’t know, I have an uncontrollable obsession with animals of ALL KIND, especially baby ones… I just think they are so precious and CUUUTE! ahhhh 😀 They make my tummy feel all funny and my heart all warm, and I just want to cuddle them up as if they’re my babies >< Sooooo this farm was a little way out and the drive took us about an 1hr 1/2, but once we entered the city (town?) we were all thrown off. Not too far from the city center, yet not too close, the vibe was very country like. Lots of dirt roads, farms, and people walking around dressed in country attire. Since I have never been anywhere like it, I took in the environment as we searched for the animals.

Entry fee was $10 a person and we also got a basket of veggies to feed the animals. The first animals we saw were these two adorable piggies which we fed then moved on to feed guinea pigs who happily trotted over and lined up for some munchies. It took me a while to leave them, but the main reason why Bella took me was waiting ahead… ALPACAS! I was super stoked to finally see these guys. I’ve been wanting to go to an alpaca farm for a while, but they were a lot further out. Being able to be so close to them, petting and feeding them already made my day, but we also entered a little play pen area where I held a 5 week old baby goat! I think I died a little inside when he snuggled up to my neck, it was the best feeling ever.


“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” ― Anatole France

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